Bossaball is an activity that incorporates elements of football, volleyball, gymnastics, and music. It is played on an inflatable court with a trampoline on each side of the net. With slight similarities to volleyball, the objective of bossaball is to hit the ball over the net to score points.

When Was Bossaball Invented?

In 2004, a Belgian by the name of Filip Eyckmans came up with the idea for bossaball in Brazil. According to the bossaball inventor, the main inspiration behind this sport was in Brazil in 1995, when he was working as a music manager for one of his bands.

Bossa is a Portuguese word that means style but is also associated with samba music that’s popular in Spanish-speaking countries. The sport has since been introduced to different regions worldwide, including North and South America, Europe, and the Middle East.

Where is Bossaball Played?

If you’re asking, “Where is bossaball popular?” The sport is played in many countries, including Chile, Austria, Singapore, Chile, Argentina, Turkey, Germany, the Netherlands, Spain, Brazil, Egypt, France, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Switzerland, Israel, Hungary, Kuwait, and Romania.

Bossaball Equipment

Bossaball is played on a court measuring 50 yards long and 30 yards wide, with a three-meter-high net in between the court. There is an inflatable trampoline with well-labeled scoring and out-of-bounds sections.

Bossaball Referee

The bossaball referee, known as the samba referee, isn’t your regular referee. He acts as a master of ceremonies with a whistle to referee the game and a DJ set to set the mood with music.

How is Bossaball Played?

Each bossaball team is made up of four players, with three players on the outer court and one designated gymnast on the court’s built-in trampoline. A team is allowed five touches to get the ball over the net.

Touches include the standard volleyball touches with your hands and arms, or you can use the “soccer” touch to control the ball twice with any part of your body

A team scores a point by getting the ball to land on the opponent’s playing area, or three points for scoring directly into the opponent’s trampoline.

However, bossaball incentivizes spectacular moves by awarding more points for scoring with the soccer touch. The serve is the most crucial element of the sport, especially for fans.

Bosaball stands out for the music, which creates a good vibe for the sport. Players get more energy from the music and are in sync with the tune, creating one of the most dynamic sports environments.

Is Bossaball a Mixed Gender Sport?

Yes, bossaball is a mixed-gender sport, and men and women can compete against each other in mixed-gender teams.

Is Bossaball an Olympic Sport?

No, bossaball is not an Olympic sport, but it was invited for demonstrations at the 2016 Rio de Janeiro Olympics by the Fédération Internationale de Volleyball. Massive crowds gathered on the FIVB’s Copa Courts to watch bossaball with samba music playing in the background.

Bossaball Rules

Bossaball is a unique and exciting sport that combines elements of volleyball, soccer, and gymnastics. If you’re new to the game and wondering about the rules, here’s a quick overview:

Team Composition

Each Bossaball team should have a minimum of three players and a maximum of five, with no gender requirement. This means that anyone can play the game.

Ball Contact

In Bossaball, each team can only contact the ball three times before passing it to other teammates. Players can touch the ball once with their hands and twice with their feet or heads. The serve or hit can be made with any body part.

Serving and Scoring

Five touches are allowed before the ball must be passed to the other team. If a team hits the ball to the opponent’s side and they cannot return it within due time, a point is awarded to the hitting team. Three points are awarded if the ball hits the trampoline section of the court, while one point is awarded if it goes anywhere else on the inbound inflatables.


There is no time limit in Bossaball, and a team that scores 25 points in two clear games wins the match. When a team scores a point, they must rotate clockwise so that a different player is on the trampoline section each time. If the scores are tied at 24-24, then a team must win by two clear points in the set. Bossaball is typically played over the best of three or five sets.


How popular is bossaball?

Bossaball is a popular sport in countries like Saudi Arabia, Brazil, Ecuador, Singapore, Germany, Portugal, and the Netherlands.

Is bossaball a sport for all ages?

Bossaball is a sport for all ages, from eight to eighty. The creators of the sport have created programs for younger and older players to get the best workout while playing.

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